It's Tom Morgan's "Moneytalk"

When economists said interest rates were going up, he said they were coming down. When economists promised more recession, he promised recovery. He's Tom Morgan, money commentator and creator of the popular radio progam "Tom Morgan's Moneytalk."

Every weekday millions of Americans spend a few pleasant minutes with Tom. In less than two years, "Moneytalk" grew into a network spanning half the nation. It's on radio and television.

Audiences chuckle with him. They learn about money with him. They write, and he writes back. They give him their attention. Because he does what few commentators do: he talks one-on-one with them. He draws them into his program. He takes them on his travels across America. He chats with them about a subject they love - money. In their language. And not from a Wall Street or Washington point of view, but from their point of view. "You make money fun!" a listener writes.


Tom Morgan

"It's ... Tom Morgan's "Money Talk" ...the first time someone's made money talk entertaining!."
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